There are many ways that lead to a common goal. Whatever small step, it can have a big effect.

You are kindly invited to support Helemhealth with your donation or simply being active yourself. It is the goal of Helemhealth to provide people in need with a basic health care and give them hope and a chance for their future. We are very much devoted to give healthcare to pregnant women and defeat infant mortality. Please help with your donation to put those people a smile on their face. Many thanks.

Every Cent/Rappen counts!

  • This is how you can support us:
  • as patron with a donation of Euro 30.-/CHF 30.-
  • with you individual donation
  • as fundraiser ( e.g. flea markets, charity events, sponsored runs, concerts…)
  • as health expert in connection with a temporary on-site stay

We are ready to support you with your ideas to raise money. Feel free to contact us.

Dr. Harald Geiger +43 650 241 38 01
Yaso Mahantar +423 787 72 00
Michael Zöhrer +41 79 378 77 66
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Hypo Landesbank Vorarlberg
IBAN: AT16 5800 0145 8408 1016
BIC/SWIFT: HYPVAT2B~Helemhealth – Gesundheitl. Förd. d. Bevölkerung in Helem/Assam, Indien

VP Bank
IBAN: LI09 0880 5503 9815 8000 1
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UBS AG, 9470 Buchs
Konto 0220-106025.40T
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