Project Founder

Yasobanta Mahanta

Project Founder and President of Helemhealth Liechtenstein Society

Yasobanta Mahanta, who is the founder of Helemhealth Project and runs the Indian restaurant Schlössle Mahal in Vaduz, has been committed to the project for more than ten years. Yasobanta was born and brought up in Helem and left for Europe in 1988 after a hotel management education in Chennai (previously Madras). It was a long and hard journey for him to come all the way to Europe from Helem, Assam, to build his professional career. However, he has never forgotten his village and his native people whom he had left behind. He always wanted to give back something meaningful to his native people and decided to provide a better facility for medical care in his home country. In the last 10 years, he has invested his time and money and could build the basic infrastructure of the hospital. 


The first milestone was the opening of the hospital in November 2014 with a Laboratory, Pharmacy and normal OPD for regular patients. Now the development of various wards is the center of attention, especially the maternity ward to treat pregnant women and infants.

Yasobanta is an Austrian citizen since 2000 and wants to make people here aware of his project by founding the Helemhealth societies in Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. He asks for your support to put urgently needed measurements into practice.