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Susanne Lenherr and Deborah Giglielmo founded Helemhealth Switzerland Society on 4th of February 2016. Through their work in various social projects both founders felt the need to help the poorest in India. Yaso Mahanta, father of the Helem health project in Assam, asked both women for support to realise his project. In addition to the existing societies in Liechtenstein and Vorarlberg it was obvious to cover the three-border-area at Lake Constance.

It was the motivation of the two founders to make Trend Hospital in Helem, India, a place of hope for the disadvantaged population. There is a big demand in this rural area for basic medical care and better chances for survival for pregnant mothers and toddlers. Thanks to the support and numerous donations some important steps to realise this wonderful project have been made. Now it is time to build up a maternity ward for the medical provision for pregnant women and infants.

Namaste and many thanks for your support.

Susanne Lenherrr, founding member of the Switzerland society

My name is Susanne Lenherr and I was born in East Switzerland nearly fifty years ago. My itchy feet take me to remote countries and cultures again and again. But when I visited India for the first time the smile of the people in India has enchanted me and has never let me go. I was allowed to help out in a Goa orphanage and visited the women in the slums to teach them some reading and arithmetic. I never want to miss this experience.

The poverty and the daily fight of the people for survival have touched and moved me very much. For this reason I decided to cooperate with the Helemhealth project to achieve big things on a small scale. Is there anything more beautiful than to conjure a wonderful smile in the children’s eyes or give some little hope?

founding member and president of the Switzerland society

My name is Deborah Guglielmo and I was born on January 18, 1970 in East Switzerland. I have been travelling regularly once or twice a year to India since 1999. I was a member of the board of trustees of an organization in the federal state Madhya Pradesh for five years. With this activity I learned very much about the culture, the people and the traditions but also about the deep misery in the poor regions of India. In 2012 I initiated with my Ayurveda colleagues a new project in Gujarat state.

The poverty in India has moved me from the very moment I set foot on this fascinating country and this never vanished. For this reason I accepted the invitation of my friend Yaso to support his project in Assam without hesitation.

“Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier.” (Mother Teresa)

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