Liechtenstein society

In 2015 Yasobanta Mahanta founded together with Jürg Gähwiler (treasurer) and Marlene Elsensohn ( member of the board of directors) the Helemhealth Liechtenstein Society.
Register Number FL-0002.500.488-9

Yaso Mahanta

Founder and President of Helemhealth Liechtenstein Society

Yaso Mahanta, who is the founder of Helemhealth Project and runs the Indian restaurant Schlössle Mahal in Vaduz, has been committed to the project for over ten years. Born himself in Helem he wants to facilitate a better provision of medical care in his home country. Yaso has been an Austrian citizen since 2000 and wants to make people here aware of his project in accordance with the same named societies in Austria and Switzerland. He asks for support to put urgently needed measurements into practice.

One first success was the opening of the hospital in 2014. Now the development of various wards is in the centre of attention, especially the maternity ward to treat pregnant women and infants.

Yasobanta Mahanta, President Helemhealth Liechtenstein e.V

Donation account Helemhealth Liechtenstein e.V.

Helemhealth – health promotion for the Helem-Assam population, India

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