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Helemhealth Society was founded on February 20th, 2015 with its head office in Dornbirn, Austria and is registered under ZVR-number 623037609.
Our society supports the medical development in the region of Helem/Assam in India with in -kind donations and money for the completion and maintenance of Trend Hospital. We organize fundraising events and temporary stays for health experts and support the development of healthcare programs. Moreover the regional health development is promoted through mutual transfer of scientific knowledge in medicine.

Dr. Harald Geiger, pediatrician & public health specialist:

My wish to give something back to the home country of our two adopted children was put into reality through this project. It is the situation of so many mothers and children, whose lives are endangered through pregnancy and easily treatable illnesses that demand our full commitment. It became clear in many visits and contacts with those people that the welfare conditions will not change so quickly. The foundation of our charity and the active support of many helpful people makes it possible to run the hospital and in particular the maternity ward. Being a pediatrician myself I know about the unspeakable despair caused by the sheer helplessness with child illnesses. I would like to change this in this region of India together with Yaso Mahanta and our society.

board of directors:

Dr. Harald Geiger
  +43 650 241 38 01

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Helemhealth – Gesundheitl. Förd. d. Bevölkerung in Helem/Assam, Indien

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