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Dear Helemhealth supporters,

India is the country with the most COVID-19 cases, behind the US and Brazil – around 2 million, which is 10% of all cases worldwide.

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Assam has almost 77,000 confirmed cases, the number of unreported cases is probably much higher.

This global medical emergency is having a massive impact on people and health systems, especially in countries with inadequate care.

Unfortunately, that also applies to Assam. It is difficult to remain positive under these circumstances, because people now in addition  suffer from the partly draconian restrictions. As so often, women and children are particularly affected.

What is there to report from the project?

A retired general practitioner is currently offering medical examinations and treatments in the building. If necessary, the empty rooms can be used to treat people with COVID. Increases in staff is currently not possible, as the medical staff has to act on state orders in the context of coping with the corona.

Entry into India is only possible under strict conditions, so that further planning cannot be done on site and at best via video conferences or online. This is also only possible to a limited extent due to the poor internet and power supply.

In consultation with the partner associations, we have decided to take a COVID-19-related break for our projects until the end of the year.

We continue to adhere to the first step to build a maternity ward to ensure a safe and appropriate environment at least for the pregnant women.

The necessary financial means can probably be made available in the foreseeable future with the help of the Swiss association. In addition, there is only little “bureaucracy” in the way of implementing a sterile water supply.

We very much hope that despite the restrictions, we can get these things off the ground.

They are a prerequisite for starting medical services, which at the beginning should at least take place with regular midwifery care or pregnant women consultation hours. Financial resources from our association would be ready for use for this.

Of course we look forward to further donations and donations, but we do understand  if you want to wait and see how things develop.

As soon as there is news, we will report.

Harald Geiger

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