A hospital for Helem

Assam holds the sad record of the highest mortality rate of mothers in India: about 300 out of 100.000 women with living born die. For comparison: In Europe 2 out of 100.000 pregnant women die at giving birth.

The missing opportunity for medical treatment leads to the fact that many women and babies die. Most of them could survive through simple medical treatment. Help us with supporting the Trend Hospital in Helem to reduce this mortality rate. Through this hospital the provision of medical care in this region especially for mothers and children can be improved. In the first place people with birth complications but also in emergencies or heavy illnesses should have the opportunity to receive a decent medical care.

The goal of our project:

The Trend Hospital in Helem helps to improve medical care of the population in the long run. It is our goal to build a hospital with forty beds and modern medical equipment, which can finance itself alone on a long term basis.


Krankenhaus Helem
Our hospital in Helem

Achievements done:

  • Completion of ground floor, the rest of the house is still under construction
  • Ambulance wards for doctors of various subject areas were completed
  • Laboratory for basic diagnosis of illnesses (blood count, liver and kidney function reading, iron deficiency, urine diagnosis, malaria and tuberculosis diagnosis etc.)
  • dispensary with stock of important medicine
  • ultrasound scanner financed with donations

Thanks to all who made this help possible.

This is just the beginning. The next urgent measurements are:

  • construction of a maternity ward
  • laboratories, X-ray room
  • operating theater
  • ambulance station Helem and surroundings
  • sick care in remote villages
  • medical charity camps with coperation of international experts ( eyes, teeth, heart…)
  • information campaigns for pregnant women for early diagnosis and treatment of illnesses with newborns and infants.

Further goals:

Guest house with overnight stay for relatives who accompany patients

Help us to put this dream into reality!

All donations come directly to this project und so to infants, pregnant women and families in Helem., Assam. All members of the society work in honorary function for this Project.