Vorarlberg photovoltaic specialist  sponsors hospital !

Hansesun Company has decided to support the project with installing a photovoltaic system on the roof of the Helem hospital in India at no charge. Andreas Müller of Hansesun travels to Helem in January 2018 to check the necessary requirements. At the moment the unstable electricity supply is responsible for occasional blackouts in the hospital and even damages, which  cause additional costs. The special climatic conditions in Helem with a strong heat, stormy monsoons and even hail showers require a careful planning with an expert on site.
Donation campaign for climate protection
Additionally Hansesun  wants to make a contribution for the progress of the hospital through a special activity  and set an example for climatic protection: For every installed photovoltaic module one Euro is sponsored to Helemhealth Society. An installation with 5kWpeak needs 32m² and 20 modules, which means EUR 20,00 for the society.
Naturally we are delighted about this great idea and this generous offer.

Hansesun unterstützt Helem